Hampshire Social Snappers (HSS)
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HSS is a not for profit group, set up and run by Andy. Its free to join and the only payment is a £1 fee per event to help cover site fees and other running costs. All you need to do is to want to go out somewhere in Hampshire with your camera and a bunch of like minded individuals. If that's you, then follow the link! Andy :)
Steak of the Art Southampton
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Don't get put off by the naff name! Steak of the Art is a decent restaurant in Ocean Village Southampton run by really nice people. Really - I wouldn't plug it otherwise! Its also an art gallery in its own right so you get to see genuinely decent art. Its mostly oils and watercolours but does have one or two decent photographs ...... (ehem - mine of course :)
Caffe Lee
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Caffe Lee have a facebook page but moreover have five images permanently on display. Those five change every so often (been a bit lax recently but that will change) and besides its a great place to get your cake and coffee :)
The Art House Spouthampton
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Get yourself down there - its the only way to describe the Art House. If you have lived in Europe here's a heads up. You know those cafes in Europe which are kinda bohemian, often with a décor theme going on? Its very similar - check out the website, it does a much better description than mine!
Hayling Island Photography
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Hayling Island Photography is a facebook page run by Justin Miller. Its in its infancy as a group but if you live nerby, check it out :)
Justin Miller Photography
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Justin is a member of HSS and is a damn fine landscape photographer! I'm very pleased to say that I value his work highly and that his website is well worth a thorough visit - go have a rummage! Andy :)