Site revamp - December 2017
I've revamped the entire site. The site now comprises 111 legacy photographs to end of 2016 and 165 newer images taken in 2017. So many new images! Go have a look and enjoy :)
No more exhibitions! - June 2017
I've stopped exhibiting as of mid 2017 - I did so to see if people thought highly enough of my work to put their hands in their pockets. I'm pleased to say that they did, and now I know that my work has value.

I didn't do it for the money, now I know that people do like my work and so now I have stopped. Hope you continue to enjoy looking at my images here :)
Exhibiting at Titchfield Haven - February and March 2017
I'm exhibiting at Titchfield Haven Tea Rooms for a couple of months starting at the beginning of February. Its a small exhibition of 8 images, four wildlife and four landscapes. Should you wish to have a look get yourself down there :)
Artist of the Month - December 2016!
I've been lucky enough to have been elected Artist of the Month at Steak of the Art in Southampton! For those who don't know Steak of the Art, its both a restaurant on the waterfront at Ocean Village and an art gallery in its own right. Both are treated and managed separately. There are maybe six or seven of my pieces on display and for sale there.

So get yourself down there for some nice nosh, some pleasant people and an artistic experience .... :) Here's the link to the artist of the month stuff :)
Gosport library exhibition - November - December 2016
The main library in Gosport is showing my work for two months - November and December. Its a great place to show some images, they have three panels available in the café section, each 1.2m square. So space for a few images and new ones might be swapped over halfway through the period. Go grab a coffee at the café within the library and have a gander! Andy :)
Items on sale at Steakof the Art, Southampton
Finally four (update December 2016 - now seven images) of my images have made their way into the gallery space at Steak of the Art, including one A2 sized image. Do get yourself down there, they are a really nice bunch of people, the food is good and its great being near the water at the marina. And there is art of all sorts all over the place! Oh and if going with a group of seven people, grab the crows nest :)
Portchester Library live!
.... and nine pieces are now hanging on the wall at Portchester Library. They will be there until the end of September :)
Extension at the Art House
Jani at the Art House in Southampton has kindly asked to extend the initial dates of the exhibition there past the beginning of September - as yet undefined, I would estimate it will go on to the end of the month (September). ore news here when I know it :)
Exhibition at the Art House Cafe in Southampton
A last minute invitation to exhibit here has come up - so as of 17th August you will be able to view a dozen images at the Art House, found Above Bar (number 178 according to my memory but best google it!). I've never been there but it seems to get good press from those who know it, I'm certainly intrigued to go visit! Hope to see you there :)
Exhibition - Hampshire Open Studios August 20th
Another exhibition - this time of around a dozen 20"x16" images as part of the Hampshire Open Studios. It will start on 20th August and finish on the 29th. This one is held in the New Forest at Alwyne Farmers Walk, Everton, SO41 0JZ. Its three miles from Lymington so bring your camera, have a nose around Lymington and then come see some pix :)

Its open from 10am to 5pm daily and will be staffed, not by me I'm afraid but by the owner of the marquee in which it takes place
New images!!!
Ive added a new portfolio today holding 23 new images. This brings the web site up to date to 4th August 2016 :)
Portchester Library exhibition - September
Originally set for December, this exhibition at Portchester Library is now set for September 2016. It starts on September 1st - that's a Thursday - and runs for the month. There are already a number of new images coming through so do get down there for a (very quiet shhhhh!) peruse of some images :)
Exhibition at Titchfield Haven visitors centre - 1st quarter 2017
The Titchfield Haven Visitors Centre is allowing me to show some images for the colder months of January February and March 2017. They have asked me to show wildlife images taken in the Haven itself, but you may get to see one or two landscapes sneak in .... and one or two wildlife images taken elsewhere! Either way its a decent place to go for a coffee and some cake. Cake! Cake!!! (three good reasons to go then :) Andy
Exhibition Hayling Community Centre - dates tba
The Community Centre in Hayling are having a new extension built and are keen to have some images grace their walls. Last time I saw them they expressed a preference for tree images cos the new wing is to be called The Maple Centre .... ah well and I'm stocking images of trees as we speak .... more definitive dates when I know them. Andy :)
Gallery in Gosport - dates tba
There's a whole gallery available in Gosport (its just tucked away behind the main pedestrian area) and they have not only space for my stuff but space also for images from around a dozen people from Hampshire Social Snappers. First time HSS will exhibit as a group yaaaay! At the moment I'm waiting for some dates from them. Don't hold your breath but do keep an eye on this space, Andy :)